Minnesota’s Best Kept Secret!

Fun Fact: Do you know who first said “Holy Cow” during a baseball broadcast? If you answered Minnesotan baseball commentator Halsey Hal, you either know your commentators or you’re familiar with the state of Minnesota. The Bald eagles that soar …

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Chad Karges Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at Department of the Interior

Washington, D.C. – Today, the National Wildlife Refuge Association presented its Theodore Roosevelt Lifetime Achievement Award to Chad Karges, Project Leader at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Oregon in recognition of his steadfast leadership and his commitment to building …

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Your Voice Matters – A Guide to Ensuring that Your Voice is Heard!

You might have read an article recently that articulates how to make your voice heard by your elected officials. With so many different ways to communicate your thoughts and opinions on an issue, it is important to use the appropriate communication …

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#OptOutside on Black Friday!

Over 2.4 million Americans have pledged to #OptOutside this upcoming Black Friday. If you are considering places to visit, don’t forget about your nearest national wildlife refuge. There is one within an hour of most people in the U.S. You …

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Fernando Núñez-García Hired as Caribbean Conservation Coordinator

We are very pleased to welcome Fernando Núñez-García as the new Caribbean Conservation Coordinator for the National Wildlife Refuge Association. Núñez-García will conduct community outreach and public engagement activities throughout Puerto Rico, working closely with the Puerto Rican Parrot Interagency …

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Share Your Special Moment

Despite the fact that I grew up in beautiful upstate New York, I was never really an outdoor enthusiast as a kid. When I was six years old, I remember calling my Mom crying – begging her to pick me …

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Coming Together to Support National Wildlife Refuges

All of us love our public lands, especially our national wildlife refuges. For many of us, refuges are places to seek solitude, to develop memories with friends and family and to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are a hunter, …

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FWS Finalizes Rule Updating Oil and Gas Development Regulations on Refuges

On November 10th, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized a rule they had been working on for years to update non-federal oil and gas development regulations on national wildlife refuges. It may come as a surprise to some that more …

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Winter is Coming!

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving will be here sooner then we think. But, for the polar bears of the arctic region, winter is already in full swing. November marks the time of the year when the ice stars …

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Partners for Conservation – 21st Century Landscape Conservation

Partners for Conservation (PFC) formed in 2010 as the result of years of public and private partnerships between landowners, government agencies and non-profit organizations. PFC is a collaborative movement of private landowners from across the country that work with partners …

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