Unprecedented Conservation Collaboration – The Key to the Protection of the Sagebrush Steppe Landscape and the Imperiled Sage-Grouse

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Interior announced the release of 14 final Environmental Impact Statements and proposed Resource Management Plans that address conservation objectives to protect sagebrush steppe landscapes in 11 Western states in the expansive range of the greater …

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Looking Back: the Friends Movement

To celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are publishing a “Looking Back” series of blogs. Each edition will feature a different person who was involved with the organization at different stages over our 40 year history. For our third …

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40 Species in the Refuge System – Part 3

Today is the third installment of “40 Species in the Refuge System” to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2. This time, we are talking about birds! Waterfowl, birds of prey, and more …

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Protecting Wildlife Across State and International Borders

What do the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act, State Wildlife Grants, and the North American Wetland Conservation Act all have in common? They protect species outside the boundaries of our public lands. Species cross state and international borders, and it’s …

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They Lay the Welcome MAT on Our National Wildlife Refuges

Ron Cole is the Refuge Association’s Conservation Programs Western Programs Manager. Mr. Cole is working on the Refuge Association’s sagebrush steppe conservation initiatives, with special focus in the Greater Hart-Sheldon region of southeast Oregon and northern Nevada. Ron recently retired …

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Transportation and the Refuge System

Congress is currently considering the reauthorization of a major transportation bill that funds federal highways, road improvements and other transportation projects, including roads and infrastructure on public lands such as national wildlife refuges. To help better understand this bill and …

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Cynthia Martinez Appointed New Chief of the National Wildlife Refuge System

The National Wildlife Refuge Association applauds the selection of Cynthia Martinez as the new Chief of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Martinez will assume her duties immediately. “Cynthia embodies what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stands for – hard …

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Birding Community E-Bulletin May

This Birding Community E-bulletin is being distributed to active and concerned birders, those dedicated to the joys of birding and the protection of birds and their habitats. This issue is sponsored by the producers of superb quality birding binoculars and …

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Migratory Bird Conservation Commission Authorizes Refuge Expansions

Did you buy a Federal Duck Stamp this year? Are you planning to? Ninety-eight cents for every dollar spent on this important stamp are used for conservation on wildlife refuges. Last week, the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission decided exactly where …

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What is Your Favorite Wildlife Refuge to Visit?

From the splashing bright blue waters on the shores of Hawaii, to the dry beautiful desert in Nevada, there is something for everyone in the Refuge System. So, in honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, we thought we’d take …

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