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Friends of Alaska, Dalton Weed Pull
NWRA Affiliate Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges | Friends of Alaska Refuges

More than 200 Friends groups nationwide belong to NWRA’s Affiliate program. Friends from Florida to Washington, Massachusetts to Texas, have joined together in this program to show their support for each other and for a better future for wildlife refuges and the Refuge System.

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Why do we have an Affiliate Program?

The National Wildlife Refuge System is in crisis. Threats to refuges are growing, while staffing and funding for key conservation programs are diminishing. The Refuge Association has built a powerful national network of Friends and individuals to fight for the needs of the Refuge System and associated conservation programs. The Friends Affiliate Program is a way that Friends groups can stand together for the Refuge System, and embrace the broader principle that the strength of their local refuges is only as robust as that of the Refuge System.

The purpose of the Affiliate program is to:

  • Present a unified national face to decision-makers who determine the future of our National Wildlife Refuge System and related conservation programs.
  • Enhance communication among Friends groups to effectively inform and mobilize support for refuge issues by becoming members of the Refuge Action Network.
  • Provide Friends with the tools to build effective relationships with their local and national representatives.

Please help us build momentum for the Refuge System. If your group is interested in joining the Friends Affiliate program, please contact Joan Patterson,, Director of Grassroots Outreach.

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Friends Affiliate Group List

Alaska Geographic

Amigos de la Sevilleta

Arthur R. Marshall Foundation

Audubon Refuge Partners, Inc.

Back Bay Restoration Foundation

Big Oaks Conservation Society

Booth Society

Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association

Central Basin Audubon, ARK

Chincoteague Natural History Association

Citizen’s Committee to Complete the Refuge

Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society

Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards

“Ding” Darling Wildlife Society

Friends and Volunteers of Refuges Florida Keys

Friends in Support of the Hatchery

Friends of Alaska NWRs

Friends of Anahuac Refuge

Friends of the Antioch Dunes, Inc.

Friends of Aransas and Matagorda Island NWR

Friends of Assabet River NWR

Friends of Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge

Friends of Back Bay

Friends of Balcones Canyonlands NWR

Friends of Bayou Teche Refuge

Friends of Bitter Lake NWR

Friends of Black Bayou

Friends of Blackwater NWR

Friends of Bombay Hook

Friends of Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Bosque del Apache NWR

Friends of Boyer Chute and DeSoto NWRs

Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges

Friends of Buenos Aires NWR

Friends of Caddo Lake NWR

Friends of Cahaba River NWR

Friends of California Condors – Wild & Free

Friends of Camas NWR

Friends of Cape May NWR

Friends of Carson Fish Hatchery

Friends of Cherry Valley

Friends of Clarks River NWR

Friends of Coastal South Carolina

Friends of the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail

Friends of Crab Orchard Refuge

Friends of Crane Meadows NWR

Friends of Dahomey NWR

Friends of Deer Flat NWR

Friends of Dungeness NWR

Friends of Eastern Neck

Friends of Erie NWR

Friends of Felsenthal

Friends of Forsythe NWR

Friends of Gavins Point NFH

Friends of Great Falls Discovery Center

Friends of Great Swamp NWR

Friends of Hagerman NWR

Friends of Hakalau Forest NWR

Friends of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Friends of Hawaiian Islands NWR

Friends of Haystack Rock

Friends of Heinz Refuge at Tinicum (FOHR Tinicum)

Friends of High Plains National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Friends of Humboldt NWR

Friends of Iroquois NWR

Friends of Kenai NWR

Friends of Kootenai NWR

Friends of Laguna Atascosa NWR

Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Louisiana Wildlife Refuges

Friends of Mackay Island NWR

Friends of Maga Ta-Hohpi

Friends of Maine Seabird Islands

Friends of Mid-Columbia River Wildlife Refuges

Friends of Midway Atoll NWR

Friends of Missisquoi NWR

Friends of Monomoy

Friends of Moosehorn NWR

Friends of Neal Smith NWR

Friends of Necedah NWR

Friends of Nisqually NWR

Friends of Noxubee Refuge

Friends of NWRs of Rhode Island

Friends of Ohio River Islands NWR

Friends of Ottawa NWR

Friends of Outer Island

Friends of Parker River NWR

Friends of Patoka River NWR

Friends of Patuxent

Friends of Pee Dee NWR

Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands

Friends of Pocosin Lakes NWR

Friends of Pondicherry

Friends of Pool 10

Friends of Pool 9 — Upper Miss Refuge

Friends of Potomac River Refuges

Friends of Prime Hook NWR

Friends of Quivira NWR

Friends of Rachel Carson NWR

Friends of Rice Lake Refuge

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of San Diego Wildlife Refuges

Friends of Seal Beach NWR

Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Shiawassee NWR

Friends of Silvio Conte

Friends of Southwest Louisiana NWRs & Wetlands

Friends of Squaw Creek NWR

Friends of St Catherine Creek Refuge

Friends of Stillwater NWR

Friends of Sullys Hill

Friends of Sunkhaze Meadows

Friends of Supawna Meadows NWR

Friends of Tamarac NWR

Friends of Tennessee NWR

Friends of Valle de Oro NWR

Friends of the 500th

Friends of the Alameda Wildlife Refuge, GGAS

Friends of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Refuge

Friends of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Friends of the Cache River Watershed

Friends of the Carr Refuge

Friends of the Crystal River NWRC

Friends of the Deep Fork NWR

Friends of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Friends of the Detroit Lakes WMD

Friends of the Florida Panther NWR

Friends of the Front Range

Friends of the Great Plains Nature Center

Friends of the Horicon NWR

Friends of the Little Pend Oreille

Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp

Friends of the Minnesota Valley

Friends of the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex

Friends of the Morris Wetlands Management District

Friends of the National Conservation Traning Center

Friends of the Norwalk Islands, Inc.

Friends of the Oxbow NWR

Friends of the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center

Friends of the Reach

Friends of the Red River NWR

Friends of the Refuge Headwaters

Friends of the San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuges

Friends of the San Pablo Bay NWR

Friends of the Santee National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges

Friends of the St. Croix Wetland Management District

Friends of the Suwannee and Cedar Keys NWR

Friends of the Swan Lake NWR

Friends of the Tampa Bay National Wildlife Refuges

Friends of the Tualatin River NWR

Friends of the Upper Mississippi Fishery Services

Friends of the Wichitas

Friends of Trempealeau NWR

Friends of Trinity River NWR

Friends of Turnbull NWR

Friends of Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Unity Wetlands

Friends of Wallkill River NWR

Friends of Wertheim NWR

Friends of West Tennessee Refuge

Friends of White River NWR

Friends of Willamette Valley NWRC

Friends of Willapa NWR

Friends of Windom Wetland Management District

Great Dismal Swamp Coalition

Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center

International Wildlife Refuge Alliance

Kilauea Point Natural History Association

Lostwood Birding and Nature Association

Malheur Wildlife Associates

Merritt Island Wildlife Association

Mingo Swamp Friends

Mississippi River Wild

Muscatatuck Wildlife Society

Nevada Wilderness Project

Okefenokee Wildlife League

Pelican Island Preservation Society

Portneuf Valley Audubon Society

Prairie Pothole Partners

PRBO Conservation Science

Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends

Red Wolf Coalition

Refuge Friends Inc

Salmon River Watershed Partnership

San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society

Sandhills Prairie Refuge Association

Seney Natural History Association

Shoreline Education for Awareness

Southeast Wildlife Conservation Group

Southwest Wetlands Interpretative Association

St. Marks Refuge Association

Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge

Stone Lakes NWR Association

Supporters of St. Vincent NWR

Tensas River Refuge Association

Ticatove-Grupo de Conservation de Vieques

The Great Lakes Experience

Tishomingo Refuge Ecology & Education Society (T.R.E.E.S)

Valley Nature Center

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Association

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