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Celebrate the History of the National Wildlife Refuge System

In 1858, elegant bird feathers were literally worth their weight in gold. As a result of the expanding market for bird feathers for the fashion industry in the mid-1800s, plume hunters streamed down Florida’s east coast in search of rookeries …

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Leap year gives us an extra day to love wildlife refuges

Happy leap day! Once every four years, we get an extra day to visit a wildlife refuge or share why we love these special places. From biking on an island, seeing fluorescent green swamps to relaxing by a gentle spring and more, here are some of the activities our staff and Facebook and Twitter friends enjoy doing.

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Help Ensure Conservation Remains Part of the Conversation

The armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has put a spotlight on the role of public lands in our nation. Attending a town hall meeting or candidate forum is a great way to voice your concerns and hear what elected officials or candidates for office think about public lands.

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